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Since the end of March/ begin April 2020, the Kennisforum has been seeing new languages added. We still need people to help out with the localisation of the Forum.


Want to localise?

Are you willing to translate? Send me a WhatsApp message at +31 6 16 843 115 (click to open a WhatsApp tab) or through Instagram at @kennisforum. Currently, I'm looking for translators for the following languages. Any other languages are also welcome.

  • French


Translation errors?

Nobody's perfect. Not even the translators. That's why we appreciate your feedback! If you have suggestions to change a translation, let me know! Send me a message (details above).


Incomplete translations?

At the moment, I'm working on a way to add Knowledge Card translation. For now, you can use the translation button if you are on Google Chrome. For the following languages, we're still working on translating some bits. Please don't report any incomplete translations for them.

  • English
  • German


I also need people to help proofreading translations. You don't have to send me a message, you can just tell me which pages you checked and whether you thought it made sense.

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